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Hi, I’m Jack.​

I like to build stuff (mostly companies), conduct research, and share what I learn.

I am the co-founder and managing partner of Visa Franchise as well as the co-founder and managing partner of a franchise and existing business platform called Vetted Biz. At my companies I focus on process improvement, helping individuals achieve their best performance, and finding and analyzing compelling investment opportunities through a process refined over the past few years. On a personal level, I am passionate about continually exploring ways I can improve and sharing those learnings with others looking to improve as well. That is the idea behind this website. While this site is just getting started, I hope to use this platform to share my thoughts and learnings with interested individuals. I also hope to connect with likeminded people who share this growth-focused mindset. In terms of content, my primary interests are in entrepreneurship, personal development, and crypto investing. So don’t be surprised the writings and sharing will be focused primarily on these topics (😊). Welcome aboard!

Each week I write an email on the most interesting insights I explore. My goal is to synthesize what I learn and spread the knowledge. Join my subscribers list and enter your email below.

221B Baker Street, Post Box 452
Park Road, UK – 235412